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Sweaty Mama is the Fun & Effective workout with your child.
Children from 6 wks - 4 yrs old+
Exercise adaptations to suit your fitness and the age/development of your child.
Post-natal specialists and trained in safe babywearing too!
6 wk course just £35

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5 reviews
  • Sarah Louise on Facebook Wed 8th Nov 2017 Amazing class!! Fab teacher and music and to top it off my little girl rolled for first time in class
  • Cheryl Chez Barkas on Facebook Wed 8th Nov 2017 First class today and already talking about my renewal at the end of the 6 session , my teacher was just lovely made me feel so at easy steady pace but a proper full body work out loved it !
  • Siobhan Hope on Facebook Wed 8th Nov 2017 Grest way to get a bit of fitness into your busy Mam routine, really enjoyed the class plus the music was fab!
  • Nat Easter on Facebook Wed 8th Nov 2017 1st class yesterday was brilliant can't wait till next week! Millie also loved the class and being able to join in
  • Natalie Bell on Facebook Wed 8th Nov 2017 Really loved the class, so much fun and a great work out with my baby

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