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High-energy, fun-filled singing & dancing sessions for 0-4s, with puppets, ribbons, bubbles and pom poms fun!

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  • Jessie Wood Mon 15th Jan 2018 Attended with 24 month-old We love Selda's classes as she keeps it fresh every week with a new topic and themed songs as well as the old favourites. She is full of energy and makes the classes exciting and wacky with costumes, bubbles, pom poms and lots of dancing!
  • Layla Mon 15th Jan 2018 Attended with 6 month-old A fun filled interactive session! My son was enthralled even at 6 months! Selda gets each individual child involved and is very in tune with each of their needs. Expect lots of participation, fantastically colourful props and catchy educational tunes that will stick in your head all day! The icing on the cake is Selda, a very talented and warm leader. Highly recommended.
  • Sibel Mon 15th Jan 2018 Attended with 2 year-old, and 4 year-old My girls love this class! It’s a fun way to learn and the topics are always interesting. Selda uses great props, makes the children feel involved and sings new songs as well as some traditional ones. The adults have as much fun as the children singing along and dancing!
  • Mia rikas Mon 15th Jan 2018 Attended with 18 month-old, and 4 year-old Sing along with Selda is an enjoyable class for both children and adults, both of my daughters really enjoy the class and are kept entertained the whole way through. Selda is very interactive with each individual child and always makes sure they’re all getting involved - a fun, humorous & educational class. Highly recommend it!
  • Liz G Mon 15th Jan 2018 Attended with 4 year-old, and 18 month-old My two daughters both love this class - my 4 year old really grew in confidence as a result of attending and my 18 month old has come along she was a baby and now stands confidently at the front and takes it all in. Selda pitches the classes very cleverly so that they appeal to pre-school children of all ages. The themes are educational as well as fun, and the song and dance choices are often as entertaining for the adults as they are for the children. Highly recommended.
  • Hannah French Mon 15th Jan 2018 Attended with 3 year-old Selda's singing class is a breath of fresh air because the songs and props she uses each week are different to the traditional nursery rhyme classes. This is a fun class not only for the children but for the adults too and this was why I went every week for over a year with my 3 year old son. Selda surprised us every week with a new outrageous outfit in keeping with that week's theme or the multitude of toys and cuddly animals she could work into any song. It's a very interactive and friendly group.
  • Ziggy Mon 15th Jan 2018 Attended with 4 year-old This is a great class! Selda has so much energy she really gets all the kids involved, and there’s always something to make the grown ups smile too (a great selection of music for all ages) a breath of fresh air in the world of preschool groups! We love it
  • Katie Forkan Mon 15th Jan 2018 Attended with 3 year-old Singalong with Selda is a great 45 minute singing class. Selda has a wonderful way with all of the children and makes sure every one of them feels included during the class. Each class begins and ends with the same song each week so the children have some continuity but the middle is different every week and built on a topic. The songs are varied and keep the adults dancing and singing along as well as the children. Selda uses a great range of props to keep the children involved throughout. My 3 year old adores the classes. Highly recommended
  • Ms N De Freitas Thu 11th Jan 2018 Attended with 3 year-old Selda is amazing! My very reluctant and grumpy son really flourished in the class. She identified his reservations straight away and built up his confidence with great skill. We attended the class regularly for almost 2 years (until he started school). She has great enthusiasm and track choices so that adults enjoy the class as much as kids. I really liked her weekly themes and props it was very educational as well as much fun ????

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