Sing and Sign – Borough of Southwark and a Little Bit of Lewisham




Award winning baby signing classes in Southwark - in Canada Water, Crystal Palace, East Dulwich and Herne Hill.

Sing and Sign Babes: 2 - 6 months
Stage 1: 6 - 14 months
Stage 2: 14 - 30 months

Learn how to communicate with your baby before and whilst speech is emerging.


3 reviews
  • Lucy Cliff on Facebook Mon 11th Sep 2017 A fantastic way to communicate with your baby. It was the ONLY class I did with all 3 of my children and can't rave enough about it! Sign up won't be disappointed!
  • Jenni Bacon on Facebook Mon 11th Sep 2017 My son and I have just finished our second stage 1 term and we're so sad it's finished for Christmas! Sing and Sign has been THE BEST thing I have done on my maternity leave bar none. Trish is absolutely brilliant with babies and parents, and I have learned so much about parenting through those classes. For my baby's sake, I want to say a massive thanks to Trish and Sing and Sign as those classes and the DVD are making the transition to childcare a few days a week more bearable as my childminder is getting involved, and my son is starting to know that he will be understood by someone other than me. Love this, highly recommend! Looking forward to stage 2!!
  • Helena Tidy on Facebook Mon 11th Sep 2017 I have two things to say about sing and sign. Firstly that at 16 months old they can either say or (mostly) sign all the following words. Star pig penguin bear again eat rainbow pink elephant giraffe bird penguin seal snake crocodile dog cat lion car ball bowl avocado banana telephone bunny tidy-up pill yellow green splash horse duck flower spider frog kiss hippo hair t-shirt trousers shoes toes nose head mouth bee wheels muddle up down chair mama nurten dadda squirrel apple sleep sock aeroplane helicopter home music (probably some more I have forgotten right now) This isn't words they can understand, it is things they can communicate to me. They are with the childminder who doesn't sign 3 days a week, so this is just from me when I remember (mostly when reading books rather than making dinner as you can probably tell). I'm sure if you were really committed your babies would sign much more. The second thing I want to say is that when they were small and had reflux and just would not stop crying, I couldn't always hold both of them at once. Sing and sign meant that I never ran out of songs to capture their attention and give me 2 minutes of quiet while I figured out what to do next. I am so grateful to Trish and the whole programme for giving me a bit of sanity, and some new friends too. LOVE IT.

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