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Primo Piano (4yrs plus), Primo Guitar (8yrs plus), Pianinis pre-school music and piano (3-4 yrs)

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  • Jenan Girardi on Facebook Mon 31st Jul 2017 I cannot praise Primo Music School enough! The way the students are engaged in their playing is just wonderful and the lessons are filled with energy and motivation. Opportunities for students to play in front of larger groups also challenges them and takes them out of their comfort zone, ultimately giving them great confidence and not just in the area of music! Thanks for all your hard work!
  • Thomas Edgar on Facebook Mon 31st Jul 2017 Tim is such an inspiration! Not just to all the kids learning such a fantastic life skill but also for all the extra opportunities he puts on for them and us parents and grandparents! Thanks Tim!
  • Laura Sidestreet on Facebook Mon 31st Jul 2017 Tim is a fantastic teacher and musician! My son has been enjoying learning Piano as well as taking part in the recent Music festival held at Insole Court. Highly recommend Primo
  • Natasha Young on Facebook Mon 31st Jul 2017 My husband and I cannot praise Primo Piano enough. Our 2 children have been learning with Tim for just over 2 years, in this time they have grown in confidence and musical ability that has exceeded our expectations. Tim is always approachable, patient, motivated and enthusiastic and my children are always keen to work hard to impress him. Thank you for all your hard work.
  • Jane Pollitt on Facebook Mon 31st Jul 2017 Rhys really enjoys learning to play the piano in a relaxed group environment and has come on leaps and bounds. Amy makes the lesson fun and interactive, without it being too pressurised. I would highly recommend Primo Piano to any parent thinking of starting lessons for their child.
  • Mohan Babu Muthuswamy on Facebook Mon 31st Jul 2017 Tim is a fantastic teacher and has one of the best ways to teach Piano for such young children. We have been very happy with our kid's progress in the last 2 years when he had been at Primo Piano.
  • Raja Lakshmi on Facebook Mon 31st Jul 2017 I am so happy that Rajsri has joined Primo Piano! She has shown and continuing to show so much interest ever since she started. I am really pleased with her comfort level with in a year of joining under the guidance of Tim and his wonderful method teaching
  • Alison Hughes on Facebook Mon 31st Jul 2017 Attended with 5 year-old I cannot praise Primo Piano enough. The standard of teaching is excellent. Tim is committed, enthusiastic and a highly experienced teacher/pianist. My daughter has developed both musically and personally and is working towards her grade 1 exam. I will be also be enrolling my 5 year old this term as I know she will enjoy and benefit from piano lessons with Tim and his team. Highly recommended!
  • Marcia Banner on Facebook Mon 31st Jul 2017 Attended with 7 year-old Tim is an excellent pianist and teacher. He injects fun, variety and enthusiasm into every session while ensuring that the children progress steadily thereby keeping everyone incentivised and keen to learn more! My 7 year old daughter is taught in a group of four girls of a similar age and personality type which I think adds to the overall enjoyment! I would recommend Primo Piano unreservedly.
  • Clare Carpenter on Facebook Mon 31st Jul 2017 The group atmosphere has really motivated my daughter. Tim is a great teacher.

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