Perform is a different type of drama school. We use a unique mix of drama, dance and singing - specially developed and written by us - to bring out every child's true potential.

Classes are kept small to ensure lots of individual attention by our experienced teachers - hand-picked for their warmth, energy and professionalism. They'll focus on your child's enthusiasm and engagement in the activities rather than their precision and ability to learn moves. And they'll be with your child every step of the way to guide, inspire and encourage.

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  • Charlie Foreverdark on Facebook Fri 26th May 2017 Last week, my shy, quiet little girl came home from class and asked me to watch whilst she performed a song for me. She made eye contact, smiled, did the actions, sang out loudly and with confidence. I was overjoyed. She's having so much fun and it is having such a wonderful impact on her. She's not my shy little girl anymore. Her confidence is building. She's becoming a little star. Thank you Sam. Xx
  • Shubhashree Duttagupta on Facebook Fri 26th May 2017 Meira simply loves attending the Perform drama classes and looks forward to it every week! She listens to the Wild West CD regularly and I hear her singing the songs and humming the tunes all the time. Grant and Robyn are such amazing teachers. They make learning fun. I'm happy we enrolled her here!
  • Lucy French on Facebook Thu 25th May 2017 George has been attending for half a term now and looks forward to each session. We get great feedback from Laura and he regularly asks for the cd to be played and the app is a fantastic resource. We can't wait to see the end of term production!
  • Sara Caselunghe on Facebook Tue 16th May 2017 Antoinette was superb! I received very good comments from other parents who were very positively surprised how all the children were involved in the "adventure". As parents we know it is not at all an easy task to get so young children engaged and having fun together for so long! I would definitely recommend her. She is magic! Laurence's 5th Birthday party has been a great success. Thank you Antoinette, Thank you Perform. Sara, Laurence's mum, Islington.
  • Ruth Wharton on Facebook Wed 3rd May 2017 In four weeks, Freya has gone from hiding behind my leg at class parties to singing on a microphone in front of about sixty people at the most recent one we went to! What a change. She always comes out buzzing and is constantly planning shows. Really impressed. My only request would be some feedback on how she has settled and what she is like in class, only for my personal interest really!
  • Patricia Durão Lewi on Facebook Sat 25th Mar 2017 Grace loves her classes, the teachers and mostly the songs. She asks to listen to them every night before bedtime and we often hear her singing them out loud. The end of term show was fantastic and she was very pleased to be part of it. We have booked a holiday workshop and she's very excited!
  • Alex Edwards on Facebook Sun 19th Mar 2017 Harry really enjoys the classes and really likes the people. He especially likes the games. He is also very happy that finally someone has given him lines for a production, it really has boosted his confidence.
  • Charlie Horsley on Facebook Fri 17th Mar 2017 Jake ADORES perform and so do I!! I am so impressed by the wonderful teachers and the amount of energy and commitment they give out every week. The resources are spectacular and of very high quality. Jake is an extremely imaginative little boy, so he can let it all out in perform sessions. His target at school was to speak louder and more confidently when speaking to a whole group. I can safely say this target was immediately achieved after just a couple of weeks at perform. Thank you! x
  • Alex Maslen on Facebook Thu 16th Mar 2017 Pippa is a really confident child until she doesn't have her friends around her, this is why I signed her up to the class, so she was doing something without going with someone she already knows. After a few tears going in on the first 3 classes she is now excited about going each week and says she is having a fab time! Thank you
  • Leela Bakes on Facebook Tue 14th Mar 2017 Ben is 4 years old. He asked to go for drama classes as he really enjoyed taking part in the Christmas production at school. After the first class, Ben said he enjoyed it a little bit and was afraid of the 'witch' character. After that he decided he did not want to go anymore and cried for the next 3 sessions not wanting to go in and cried during the classes. Jennifer reassured me after each class that he will be fine and she would look after him. During the classes I could h...

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