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Since 1993, thousands of families across the UK, have grown up singing, dancing & playing with Monkey Music. Written by musicians, who understand the fundamental role that music plays in early development, our progressive classes are an ‘excellent fit’ for babies & pre-schoolers.

With the help of Monkey and Mo, catchy songs, fascinating sounds and fabulous props, our talented teachers captivate & entertain their troop of musical little monkeys. Everyone has so much fun learning, they don’t realise how clever they are being!


16 reviews
  • Mikala Ibbotson Sat 30th Sep 2017 Attended with 2 year-old Monkey Music is the highlight of our week! We love getting to sing, dance and play instruments in every session. Louise is wonderful; bright, shiny and enthusiastic, she makes learning about music such fun. She is absolutely the reason why we're still coming back for more every term two years since we began.
  • Kathryn Johnson Thu 28th Sep 2017 Attended with 4 year-old, and 12 month-old My daughter took this class from the age of six months until the age of four - she loved every minute of it. Louise was a superb and inspiring teacher, whose devotion and enthusiasm shines through. My youngest son has just started and shows every sign of enjoying this class every bit as much!
  • Kate Parker Tue 26th Sep 2017 Attended with 12 month-old Monkey music is a brilliant class for babies. My son has attended since he was 7 months old - now he is 1 he has just started the Heigh Ho classes. He loves them. The high quality instruments, catchy songs and challenging, multi sensory activities are excellent.
  • SP Mon 25th Sep 2017 Attended with 18 month-old Fantastic engaging, fun and educational classes for all age ranges. The classes are always well thought out and the equipment is exemplary.
  • Lucy Carrington Palmer Fri 22nd Sep 2017 Attended with 18 month-old My son Monty and I love our weekly Monkey Music class with Louise! Monty can be a tricky toddler but Louise has nothing but smiles and kind patience .. we have so much fun xx
  • Nicola Hall Fri 22nd Sep 2017 Attended with 12 month-old, and 2 year-old I have been doing Monkey Music for a few years, with my first son who is now at Nursery, and then my second son who is now 16 months. I started very young with both of them and they absolutely love the classes. Every teacher we have ever had has been wonderful in different ways- enthusiastic, creative, very musical obviously, and so caring with all the children. The teachers really do get to know all the children well, and guide them through a really magical musical half hour or 45 minutes. The varying age group classes cover children from the time they are teeny babies, listening and reacting to music and instruments, through to 'big' children moving, dancing and playing instruments. The teaching style encourages children to love music, learn songs through repetition each week, and cover exciting topics that children can relate to. The props are wonderful each week, and the variety of slow and fast paced music means your child gets a bit of everything! I would highly recommend these classes to anyone :)
  • Laya Bennagen Thu 21st Sep 2017 Attended with 2 year-old Monkey Music is a fun activity that my son attends every week. He enjoys listening to songs and sounds, playing instruments, doing action songs, dancing, marching, and a whole lot more. He started attending Heigh-Ho classes last January, and is currently enjoying Jiggety-Jig sessions with Teacher Louise. The fun continuous!
  • Carolyn Moore Thu 21st Sep 2017 Attended with 24 month-old Louise is such a great teacher and little ones always have such fun. So glad we found Louise.
  • Emily Markham Wed 20th Sep 2017 Attended with 18 month-old Our daughter has been attending Monkey Music since she was 3 months old (she is now 17 months) and it is the highlight of our week! The songs and activities are perfectly matched to the childrens' age groups and really help in providing a foundation in musical ability and confidence. I couldn't recommend it more highly.
  • Joanna Chioccola Wed 20th Sep 2017 Attended with 12 month-old Louise is amazing and my daughter loves her classes!

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