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Mini Professors provide fun science classes for 2-5 year olds. Each class includes songs, a story, and 2 fantastic experiments. The experiments are interactive and hands on and are often things you can repeat at home.


9 reviews
  • Julie Barnes Wed 27th Sep 2017 Attended with 4 year-old I was really keen to find something to keep my September born son engaged and stimulated during the long last year before school and Mini Professors did just that! He was always excited about the topics and keen to take part and learnt so much (as did I!). Rosa has such a passion for the subjects and it certainly comes across in class. Highly recommended!
  • Emma Schofield on Facebook Mon 18th Sep 2017 My son loves Mini Professors with Professor Rosa. He's always fully engaged and is the first one to the table to do the experiments. I'm so pleased kids are being enthused about science from an early age.
  • Jenny Brown on Facebook Mon 18th Sep 2017 Attended with 2 year-old My 2 and 1/2 year old really enjoys the classes, he spends the next few days telling everyone what he learnt about! The sessions are educational but also really fun!
  • Victoria Burrows on Facebook Mon 18th Sep 2017 What a fantastic class. It's so nice to take my daughter to something where she can really explore, get hands on and learn so much amazing stuff about the world. It is also a great way for her to get ready for school. Would highly recommend :-)
  • Caroline Stallwood on Facebook Mon 18th Sep 2017 Attended with 4 year-old We love coming to mini professors each week. My 4 year old adores the 'speriments' we do each week. The class is great fun, very engaging and Rosa is brilliant. There is a good mix of activities and teaching methods each week. Highly recommend.
  • Katharina Duncan on Facebook Mon 18th Sep 2017 Attended with 3 year-old My almost 3 year old loves the experiments and so do I. We learn a lot about science in a very fun way.
  • Sarah Harris Sun 17th Sep 2017 Attended with 4 year-old, and 2 year-old My boys love the Mini Professor classes and have learnt lots of interesting things about the world of science. Professor Rosa is engaging and keeps the classes entertaining for the little ones.
  • Paul Robson Sun 17th Sep 2017 Attended with 3 year-old Excellent
  • Annabel Steele Sun 17th Sep 2017 Attended with 30 month-old, and 12 month-old Fantastic teacher, great activity for children that educational but also a lot of fun. It's brain work, whilst also being active and messy. My 2 year old loves it!

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