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Massage is a wonderful and special gift that you can share with your baby. Little SunShines 5 week Baby Massage course focuses on love, nurturing, enhancing the bonding process, empowering parents to feel more confident and reinforcing the natural power of touch between you and baby. Massage may also help to relieve many symptoms such as colic, teething, congestion and much more.

Little SunShines classes are fun, friendly, relaxed and supportive. Over the 5 week course you will learn the most effective and popular baby massage techniques slowly building up to a full body massage.

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16 reviews
  • Alice Sullivan Fri 20th Oct 2017 Attended with under-1 year-old Thanks so much Charmaine, me and Jessica have loved our baby massage classes. It was great bonding for me and Jessica and I have learnt so much.
  • Diane Hammond Fri 20th Oct 2017 Attended with under-1 year-old Fantastic class, Charmaine is so friendly and supportive. My daughter loves the massage strokes and has helped with trapped wind. Thoroughly recommend
  • Charley Young Fri 20th Oct 2017 Attended with under-1 year-old We are just coming to the end of our baby massage course and Mason and I have loved it! Charmaine is very knowledgeable and has taught us so much to carry on at home to help with teething, wind, constipation etc .. Mason just absolutely loved it! Would 100% recommend. Thank you Charmaine !
  • Danielle King Fri 20th Oct 2017 Attended with under-1 year-old Such a fabulous class- Charmaine is very personable and professional!! I have learnt a lot that I will be able to use everyday with Ava - as a mum you always want to help your little one - these massage techniques I’ve learnt help with Colic, teething, constipation and even a stuffy nose!! Would highly recommend
  • Evelina Pawlowska Fri 20th Oct 2017 Attended with under-1 year-old We can highly recommend Charmaine and her baby massage classes! Every week you're learning something new from how to ease your little one with different kinds of pain to how to just help him to relax. Charmaine is such a lovely person and anyone can truly feel comfortable at her classes and not to worry about baby being unhappy as it doesn't cause any problems with anything. Thank you for all!
  • Lynsey Parsons Fri 20th Oct 2017 Attended with under-1 year-old Baby massage has been a pleasure for the last 5 weeks. Both Leo and I have enjoyed learning new techniques and taking some quality time out together. The class is very much baby led, it has a relaxed atmosphere and an opportunity to discuss anything with other mums. Charmaine is very friendly and is always willing to share her experiences and is committed in ensuring everyone gets a positive baby massage experience. Thank you Charmine
  • Leah Roberts Fri 20th Oct 2017 Attended with under-1 year-old I have loved every minute of little sunshine classes. Having a 19 month age gap has been the hardest 12 weeks of my life and being able to take Sienna to a class just for her has been such a lovely bonding experience. The classes are so relaxed and baby led. Charmaines knowledge is second to none. Being a mum herself I feel like she really knows what we are going through and her tips and advice are from practice not just theory. I have enjoyed it so much we are booked to do the course over again. A testimony in itself of just how good it was! Thanks for everything
  • Kay McAuley Fri 20th Oct 2017 Attended with under-1 year-old I couldn't recommend Little SunShines massage classes enough! Charmaine makes everyone feel comfortable, creating a lovely environment for both mum and baby. We've learnt something new every week! Looking forward to joining Charmaine yoga classes next year!
  • Jenny Nicole Fri 20th Oct 2017 Attended with under-1 year-old Arthur and I have loved the baby massage course with Charmaine, Charmaine is very knowledgable and has lots of great baby tips along the way. Doing massage for my baby has helped us deal with his colic and he is much happier as a consequence. See you for yoga soon Charmaine and Chyna Xx
  • Charmaine Burke on Facebook Wed 16th Aug 2017 I have really enjoyed my baby massage classes with Charmaine, she is very professional in what she does and has great knowledge and is able to explain everything that she is teaching. But most of all she has a kind loving nature about her and makes mother and baby feel at ease. Can't wait for her other classes.

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