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Link Chinese Academy is London’s Premier Chinese School for children aged 1-14 years old @ Hammersmith, Southfields, Kingston, Greenwich and Angel.

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3 reviews
  • Brooke Duley on Facebook Mon 31st Jul 2017 My son loves going to link Chinese! he is currently doing the summer immersion program and he is so excited to go each day. The teachers are great & really help the children to learn in a fun and engaging way.
  • Sutin Yang on Facebook Mon 31st Jul 2017 Attended with 3 year-old My son is 3.5 and has been going to link Chinese classes for a term. He is a a very active boy and the teacher has done a wonderful job doing interesting activities and games to keep all the children engaged and learning. I have been very impressed with it and his interest in learning Chinese has definitely increased because of these classes.
  • Alicia Heeneman Wong on Facebook Mon 31st Jul 2017 Attended with 4 year-old Our daughter has been doing classes with link Chinese since she was 18 months old and is now 4. She enjoys the classes and her current teacher is good and engaging.

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