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Fun, energetic multi-sports based classes for children aged 2 to 7 years old. Through playing games in a positive and pressure-free environment, children will develop the fundamental skills balance, co-ordination and agility, gain experience of a variety of different sports, build confidence and make new friends.

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  • Claire Dhami on Facebook Mon 11th Sep 2017 My 4 year old has been enjoying leapfrog since he was 2. He's always really enjoyed the classes and trying different sports. A couple of weeks ago he had his first school sports day and he WON EVERY SINGLE RACE!!!! He was the only child in the whole school to do so and he's now a legend with the older children! I'm not sure he's particularly exceptional at sports but he was able to follow the instructions and try his best - both learnt and practiced with you. Thank you, can't recommend you enough!
  • Alison Fardon on Facebook Mon 11th Sep 2017 Great sessions for children to get a taster of a variety of sports. I have taken both my sons and they absolutely love it! Jo and the team are brilliant with the children and it's really helped to develop my boys physical and also listening skills. Highly recommended.
  • Terri-Anne Hand on Facebook Mon 11th Sep 2017 Attended with 2 year-old We took our son Oliver to the taster day on Sunday and he loved every minute. Ollie has only just turned 2 and really loved joining in with the other children and learning how to play team sports. It was great fun for us, and all the other mums and dads joined in too. We travelled 20 miles as there is nothing like this where we live. Well Worth it! Found Amanda to be very warm and welcoming! 5 stars *****
  • Julie Batchelor on Facebook Mon 11th Sep 2017 This is a great way to introduce children into different sports. It's very energetic and lots of fun!
  • Kerry Covell on Facebook Mon 11th Sep 2017 This was a well organised and instructed session. As a pe teacher I thought it was well structured and will be using some of the ideas and adapting them for secondary lessons. My daughter had a smile all the way through and even though tired she looked like she enjoyed. Would throughly recommend.
  • Faye Elizabeth Smith on Facebook Mon 11th Sep 2017 We love Leapfrog! Jo and the team are enthusiastic and engaging. It's great that the children get to learn about different sports each week. We've played lots of the warm up games at home too! Thanks all
  • Nicky Clark on Facebook Mon 11th Sep 2017 Attended with 2 year-old My son stared going as soon as he turned 2. It was a bumpy start but Amanda & Dexter were great with him. Now he really enjoys coming & eventho it's an early start for a Sunday morning it's really worth it as we both enjoy it
  • Suzy Holder on Facebook Mon 11th Sep 2017 Attended with 2 year-old Fantastic! Fun and energetic, my two year old absolutely loved her trial class. The staff were really friendly and everything was broken down into easy to understand instructions so all the kids were involved in the games and activities. Highly recommend these classes for pre-school children.
  • Maggie Barker on Facebook Mon 11th Sep 2017 Attended with 3 year-old Just had an amazing time with our 3 year old at Leapfrog Sports. Using up energy (all of us) and an opportunity for her to experience new sports in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Would highly recommend this.
  • Nicole Mowatt on Facebook Mon 11th Sep 2017 My 2 year old loved all the space to run around and I loved how friendly the staff were. Best of all they didn't mind when he did he own thing.

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