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Latino Bambino offers unique Salsa/dance postnatal sessions for new mums together with their babies carried in a sling or baby carrier.
We also provide a programme for Toddlers ages 1-4 full of Tropical/Latin beats and colourful props to stimulate creativity, build confidence, improve coordination and motor skills - where family bonding experience and fun takes centre stage.
We are also great at entertaining the little crowd at birthday events for the best 'Fiesta' in town!

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5 reviews
  • Busra Kanalici Fri 10th Nov 2017 Attended with 6 month-old It was far best activity I've done with my 6 month old son so far. Great cardio, so much fun and Urska is definitely lovely. I don't need to go to gym on the days I go to Latino Bambino ???? Do not forget to bring a spare bra & tshirt for you, you will need it ????
  • K S Wed 20th Sep 2017 Attended with 6 month-old My 7 month old and I thoroughly enjoyed this class. Such a positive vibe and fun workout for me. The little one loved seeing herself in the mirror, the music and a bit of sensory added in with maracas and scarves. Best activity I've found with a crawling baby as she won't lie still for a massage or stay in one spot for yoga. Fully recommend!
  • Jana Wed 20th Sep 2017 Attended with 9 month-old We attended with my 7 months old son and we had a great time. We both had fun and laugh. It was a good work out and teacher constantly checking all babies were happy. Def will go again and can only recommend.
  • Laura Lavery Wed 20th Sep 2017 Attended with 6 month-old We loved this class! Attended for the first time today with my 7 month old daughter. She giggled and played her maracca throughout the class (with a little nap as the shimmying rocked her to sleep at the end!) It was also a great workout for me.
  • Maria Mohla Wed 20th Sep 2017 Attended with 3 year-old The Best mum&baby activity in London! My daughter is now a tot and attends Toddler classes with Latino Bambino but out of all different classes we tried over the years this one is our favourite!

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