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The Company was founded by Kuntal Indulkar who is the Artistic Director of the Company and was one of the leading professionals in the world of Bollywood Film Industry in MUMBAI, India. The Dance School grew from a series of classes taught in and around London, Leicester, Milton Keynes as well as a professional touring company. Kuntal was also training professionals for major performing arts centres in London.
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10 reviews
  • Prathap Pillai on Facebook Mon 9th Oct 2017 What are you looking for in a dance learning environment - this is the right blend of all: Great instructor/s, pleasant rapport with the students, good selection of songs and attention to details. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes to learn dance in an enjoyable environment
  • Rashmi Aggarwal on Facebook Mon 9th Oct 2017 Kuntal is awesome teacher and is very friendly with kids who knows how to make them feel at ease . She encourages them both in class and for extra practice at home. What I liked most is she is very approachable, the choice of songs she chooses everytime is excellent and best part is in show.. unlike other dance shows and classes she has trust in her teaching and her students and sets them free on stage( not standing right there and giving them steps whilst performance) I find this as the best feature as it gives students more exposure, boosts their confidence and it shows her confidence in her teaching abilities. Well done Kuntal!! A girl who chases her dreams and living up to it!!
  • Dipika Shetty on Facebook Mon 9th Oct 2017 My daughter has been attending Kuntal's Bollywood Dance Company for almost a year now and has never once grumbled about it. It has helped her self-confidence enormously. She loves her Saturday class which is structured yet fun. Friendly; good teaching, and most important of all no undue performance pressure Kuntal is a super coach very friendly. very encouraging and approachable. Her passion for dance can be seen when she gets the littles ones engage in super performances they display in the school's annual event Kuntals Bollywood Dance Company is an inclusive, friendly dance school which I would highly recommend
  • Kajal Desai on Facebook Mon 9th Oct 2017 Attended with 7 year-old, and 9 year-old My girls aged 7 and 9 and myself love going to Kuntals dance school learning new routines and making new friends. Kuntal is good with the kids showing discipline but also giving the kids opportunities to perform at Major events such as local Mayors events and even trafalgar square, and not forgetting the annual show the school puts on when all areas get together to put on an amazing show.
  • Jayinee Patel on Facebook Mon 9th Oct 2017 My daughter has only just started two terms ago & never had a deep interest in bollywood but how have things changed seeing her on stage for her first annual performance show after a term was a moment I will never forget. Her confidence has grown so much, her passion for dance, she is loving her dance classes all goes down to the amazing "Kuntal" you are simply the best
  • Kripa Shah-Gangar on Facebook Mon 9th Oct 2017 Fantastic teacher! Our first dance was brilliant and we couldn't have done it without Kuntal. Dancing isn't something that comes naturally to either of us, but she made it seem easy. Kuntal tailored the moves to suit us and encouraged us every step of the way. Thank you for making it fun at a very stressful time in our lives Kuntal!
  • Mo Doshi on Facebook Mon 9th Oct 2017 Attended with 7 year-old My little girl Mia just turned seven has only just joined this class and Kuntal has made her really come out of her shell in just two classes with lots of encouragement and enthusiasm! Wants to practice all the time at home!
  • Priti Savadia on Facebook Mon 9th Oct 2017 My daughter has been dancing with kuntal for over 3 years... And absolutely loves it. Kuntal is a fantastic teacher and kids love her.. So do we mums....
  • Yukti Mepani on Facebook Mon 9th Oct 2017 My daughter loves going to class every week. The class has really boosted her confidence.
  • Prerna Mehta on Facebook Mon 9th Oct 2017 You are the best dance teacher kuntal

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