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Research has proven that there are many benefits to introducing your child to a second language at a young age; it improves their confidence, communication skills, creativity and boosts their brain power!

Kidslingo is an award winning children’s language franchise - the only one with 5* Gold Accreditation from the CAA.

We are dedicated to teaching French to young children (18m -11years) in a very fun and interactive way through songs, actions, games, stories and drama, which we do to over 6,000 children nationwide.
We run classes in venues, primary schools and early years settings.


15 reviews
  • Sarah Sykes on Facebook Mon 9th Oct 2017 Attended with 5 year-old My 5 year old daughter attended the two day summer club and absolutely loved it. She was a little nervous to begin with, but was welcomed by Kerryann and now wishes she could attend everyday! Amelia has excitedly told me about all the different activities that she has done, and she can't wait to start the after school club in September. Thank you for providing such a great two days!
  • Zoe Wildey on Facebook Mon 9th Oct 2017 Attended with 2 year-old My daughter has been attending French Classes with Kerryann for half a term now and already loves it! She is 2 and a half and can already speak as much French as I can remember from high school! She really enjoys the interactive sessions and learning something new..... she has even been teaching her big brother what she has learnt. Kerryann is really welcoming and friendly and makes the classes lots of fun for everyone!
  • Rachel Chambers on Facebook Mon 9th Oct 2017 Attended with 4 year-old My little girl of 4 years, does French with Kerryan and she LOVES it. My daughter has started using french in day to day life, and keryann is always happy for me to ask her to translate, and never makes me feel silly. I get wonderful feed back from Kerryan. And our last holiday there was a French member of staff and my shy little girl said hello how are you then counter to 10 before her nerves got the better of her. Truly wonderful, keep up the good work.
  • Sarah Gaskell on Facebook Mon 9th Oct 2017 Attended with 5 year-old My daughter Phoebe is 5 and attends classes with Kerry ann at Dimple Well school, after school provision. She loves attending and comes home every week full of excitement to tell me her new words! What a great provision for the children to have the opportunity after school to develop skills and begin to learn a new language. Kerryann engages the children really well and I've seen one of her sessions, I had great fun! Highly recommended. Sara
  • Lisa Jayne Partington on Facebook Mon 9th Oct 2017 My son went for first time today and came home with the biggest smile ever. Absolutely loved it x
  • Katy Isles on Facebook Mon 9th Oct 2017 Kerryann put together a fantastic 2 days of French activities during the summer holidays! Eiffel Tower model construction, arts and crafts, games and more. My son couldn't wait to get back for day 2!
  • Helen Regan on Facebook Mon 9th Oct 2017 Attended with 3 year-old, and 7 year-old Great little class. Both my children 7&3 love it. Makes learning a language so much fun
  • Danielle Waller on Facebook Mon 9th Oct 2017 My little girl is 4.5 and loves Frenchtastic with Kerryann. She looks forward to it every week and now knows her numbers, colours, animals and body parts in French. Kerryann has a great way with the children and makes it fun with the singing, scarves and other activities too...we especially like the game cash cash (spelling?)
  • Anna Frost on Facebook Mon 9th Oct 2017 Attended with 5 year-old My five year old has a great time at this class and always comes out buzzing with excitement about what she has learnt! Kerryann is fantastic with the children; always positive, enthusiastic and encouraging. Lots of games, singing and dancing make learning French fun!!
  • Lisa Melican on Facebook Mon 9th Oct 2017 Attended with 3 year-old I take my 3.5 year old to the classes. Kerryann is very welcoming and my Daughter loves the classes. she spent most of Christmas speaking French much to the amazement of my family and friends. I can highly recommend these classes.

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