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Kalma Baby offers the very best baby yoga, toddler yoga, junior yoga and baby developmental massage classes. Our sessions ‘make development fun with unique benefits for young bodies and minds’. A beautiful world of therapies await your child which are most of all devoted to aiding their development. During our yoga sessions we use song, music and sensory props whilst incorporating yoga inspired stretches. Classes are structured to offer 45 minutes of yoga as well as some lovely relaxation at the end-which is always well earned!


20 reviews
  • Nichola Barnes on Facebook Thu 2nd Nov 2017 I have attended kalma baby yoga with Sarah for a couple of terms and absolutely loved every second! She has enabled me too channel my baby's energy and determination into something we can do together - whilst still giving her a challenge! My baby particularly enjoys the flips and poses and we always take these back home too share with daddy. Elise absolutely loves Sarah and can never take her eyes off her in class, she has a natural flare with babies and they are all drawn too her. This has been the absolute best class I have done on maternity leave and truly feel it is money well spent, thank you Sarah we will be back for holiday club
  • Sophie Anne Robertson on Facebook Thu 2nd Nov 2017 Attended with 2 month-old This was mine & Oscars first baby group we went to when he was 5 weeks old, he's now 5 months and we love it =) Its such a lovely fun class with Sarah. Oscar loves to fall asleep straight after which is always a bonus. It's nice to make friends with other mummys & babies too. Can't wait to continue our classes and do even more yoga moves with my little man over the coming months of my mat leave =0) (and all the fab pictures Sarah captures too are lovely memories to keep =))
  • Janine Old on Facebook Thu 2nd Nov 2017 Attended with 3 month-old Iv been going to kalma baby with Olivia since she was 3 months old and she's now just over 7months, it's by far the best group we've been to. Olivia has come on leaps and bounds with her flexibility, stretches and she loves all the songs she learns and interacting with all the other babies and mummy's. There's always a happy bubbly environment and I would definitely recommend anyone wanting to do a group or activity with there little one to definitely give kalma baby a go.
  • Caroline Halpin on Facebook Thu 2nd Nov 2017 My daughter and I love Kalma baby yoga with Sarah at Tynemouth. Having tried a lot of different classes over my maternity leave this is definitely our favourite. We started when my daughter was 6 months and she had always loved it. She really enjoys the moments, songs and LOVES Sarah's enthusiasm and friendly happy face. When I go back to work this will be the one class I will be looking to continue on my day off.
  • Jenna Tudor on Facebook Thu 2nd Nov 2017 We love Kalma Baby with Sarah. She is such a good class leader; she is very welcoming and makes a real effort with all the babies. My little boy loves the welcome song and smiles every time he hears it! It's also really nice that Sarah makes an effort to take pictures during the session so that parents don't need to, she has captured some fab photos of him smiling and in his yoga positions.
  • Emma Hutchins on Facebook Thu 2nd Nov 2017 We absolutely love Sarahs class! We are now on our third term! It is by far our favourite group we go to! Sarah is so friendly and is great at what she does! Baby yoga has helped Florence so much (especially as she suffers with not being able to go to the toilet) and she always has her best sleep of the week after our class!!
  • Katy Ann on Facebook Thu 2nd Nov 2017 One of the things that sets this class apart from others is Sarah's obvious love of what she's doing. She shows you the yoga moves on her doll and literally looks like she's going to burst with excitement as the babies have a go! And her enthusiasm is contagious. My little one loves it - as do I!
  • Freia Huskinson on Facebook Thu 2nd Nov 2017 Attended with 2 month-old I've been taking Kajsa to baby yoga with Sarah since she was 8 weeks old and she loves it! Smiles throughout the class and learns something new every week. Truthfully I was a bit weary about going at first but so glad we did. It's great for developing Kajsa and nice for us to meet other mums and babies. Highly recommend it! X
  • Sophie James on Facebook Thu 2nd Nov 2017 We've been to 5 yoga sessions so far and Reece loves it more and more each week! He has came on so much through the exercises in class along with some extra practice doing them at home! I found it quite daunting going to other baby classes but Sarah is fab with all the mammies and babies and made us feel so welcome from week 1! Highly recommend her and this class to anyone with a little one! Can't wait for next term!
  • Natalie Alexandra Mays on Facebook Thu 2nd Nov 2017 Baby yoga was the first class I did with my baby, Joshua. We absolutely love it! Sarah makes you feel so welcome and offers lots advice along the way. The classes are informal so it's easy to feed baby, ask questions and get to know other mummy's. We're thoroughly enjoying it. Thanks again xxx

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