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Junior Game Creators nurtures children's interest in computer science. After school and during holidays kids learn code by making their own video games.

Play based learning inspires them to think creatively and create amazing projects of their very own.

Our Junior Game Creator foundational workshop caters for ages 8-11. Whilst our Level Up Game Design Workshops cover ages 12 to 16.

Do you know a budding Junior Game Creator?

Playing games is great family fun, learning to code by making their own games is genius.


22 reviews
  • Kirsten Brown on Facebook Mon 31st Jul 2017 Attended with 10 year-old Eddie is 10 years old and has loved coming to the holiday workshops for years now. He has made friends with other students and is always excited about seeing fellow members of staff alike. I'm so happy with the knowledge he has learned about game creating and a passion that will take him into a career one day. If your children are into gaming then this is the best workshop for them. Thanks guys.
  • Tara Fairy on Facebook Mon 31st Jul 2017 My son has been on 4 of these now and he loves them. The tutors are really nice and he is now making games at home. Most of the time i am trying to get him off the screen but at least this feels like i am nourishing his creative spark. He is really proud of them, and he has told me he wants to be a games designer when he grows up so who knows where this could lead lol.........
  • Faye Lewis on Facebook Mon 31st Jul 2017 Attended with 9 year-old My 9yr old son and his friend did a one day workshop in Guildford and absolutely loved it. They made 2 games and learnt lots of new things. He said Jack was a great teacher and made the session really fun. He will definitely be back for more coding in the summer holidays.
  • Jessica Nod on Facebook Mon 31st Jul 2017 My son really enjoyed this workshop and the variety of games he could create. It gave him something enjoyable to do over the holidays that he is really interested in. Would recommend to others.
  • Beth Mullings on Facebook Mon 31st Jul 2017 Attended with 8 year-old My 8 year old daughter really enjoyed the holiday workshop. It was the first time she had done anything like this, although she uses Scratch at school, and it was good for her to meet new people. Her thoughts were "fantastic new ideas for Scratch" and "the teacher was nice".
  • Liza Ashley on Facebook Mon 31st Jul 2017 It's a great way to introduce youngsters to the concept of coding and computers in general. My son is always excited to attend Mr Lilley's code club classes. You'll be amazed with the games they can create.
  • Ellen Mason on Facebook Mon 31st Jul 2017 My son went for a workshop in Sutton Coldfield & absolutely loved it. He now has a head start when he starts secondary school in September. Would definitely book him in for another if any more are run in the area. Thanks
  • David Smith on Facebook Mon 31st Jul 2017 Attended with 8 year-old My 8 year old really enjoyed this. He said it was hard but wants to go again and now he has an appreciation of how games on the iPad are made. Thanks!
  • Georgina Preston on Facebook Mon 31st Jul 2017 My son thoroughly enjoyed the game maker holiday club and wanted to go for longer. I will definitely be booking him to attend again in the Easter holidays. The sessions were well run and great value for money.
  • Rob Huber on Facebook Mon 31st Jul 2017 Attended with 7 year-old Noah (aged 7) has attended two courses and loves them - he was already interested in coding, but the course is seems exceptionally well organised, with great teachers and is oriented to support and kids of all abilities. Would highly recommend..

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