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Fun In The Forest is a Forest School playgroup that runs classes for children aged 3-5 yrs and 5-11 yrs. During term we run two hour sessions Coldfall Wood N10 with an aim to help children re-connect with nature through child led, nature nurtured activities.


6 reviews
  • Jemma Louise Saxton on Facebook Thu 17th Aug 2017 Attended with 4 year-old "I love forest school because I get to play hide & seek with Ivana and my friends and make fun things" Persie,4, thank you xx
  • Chloe Roberts on Facebook Thu 17th Aug 2017 Attended with 4 year-old My four year old, Jacob had the best time at Easter camp with Fun in the Forrest! Thank you x
  • Juliana Mascarenhas Fonseca on Facebook Thu 17th Aug 2017 Attended with 10 year-old Inspiring!! What an amazing opportunity for children to learn, explore and have fun outdoors! My daughter and her friend (both aged 10) were so inspired by Ivana’s sessions - the freedom of the woodland setting full of sensory diversity framed by Ivana’s clear safety routines and boundaries allowed the flexibility and freedom for the children to explore and learn, encouraged creativity and supported their own individual learning processes, self-confidence and independence through hands on learning experiences. Fun in the Forest is a fantastic opportunity for children and Ivana is a very talented and inspiring teacher! (My youngest, aged 3, cannot wait for his turn!!)
  • Gillian C Ehlers on Facebook Thu 17th Aug 2017 Attended with 5 year-old Thank you so much Ivana, Sev and Anna! Our five year old daughter absolutely loved her three days at the summer camp, so much so she's going to attend the Saturday sessions from September. In her own words, it was 'brilliant!' (said with a big smile and a double thumbs up). X
  • Claire Murat on Facebook Thu 17th Aug 2017 Attended with 4 year-old, and 6 year-old My two children (4 and 6) had the best time with Ivana and Vicky in the forest and will very very happily go again and again! They were so in tune with each other. We're looking forward to the summer.
  • Serena Oberheim on Facebook Thu 17th Aug 2017 We all had a fabulous time in the woods today. Thank you Ivana, we will be back.

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