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Parent and baby classes, specialising in baby massage, baby yoga, toddler yoga and sensory play classes.

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  • Cheryl Adamson on Facebook Thu 19th Oct 2017 I loved the baby massage course with Karen at Well Garden. Karen is calm, caring and incredibly knowledgable. I looked forward to every class as (I think) baby Kit did too. The massage is a skill that I'll use for many years and is something to cherish as its such a connecting experience. I feel confident thanks to Karen's teaching. It was also lovely to meet a great group of fellow parents - we're already planning to meet up again. The space felt adult and spoiling too, so it felt like a calm moment in my week a well. Particularly as so many lovely cafes close by for a coffee beforehand. I have also really enjoyed the Friday yoga classes at Victoria Park. I can see that Kit will grow with them each week. Thanks Karen!
  • Rebecca Singleton Bull on Facebook Thu 19th Oct 2017 I can thoroughly recommend Karen's baby massage course. Karen is a fantastic teacher; she creates a calm and relaxed atmosphere, and brings a lot of fun to her class. I'm looking forward to starting baby yoga. We had a taster of this in baby massage and my little one loved it.
  • Katie Thurston-Smith on Facebook Thu 19th Oct 2017 Attended with 6 month-old I have been taking my son to yoga classes with Karen since he was 10 weeks old. He's now 6 months and still loves it!! Plus it gave me plenty of inspiration for things we could do together at home and my husband loves the Sunday Dads session too!
  • Ann Clifford-Smith on Facebook Thu 19th Oct 2017 Myself and my son both really enjoyed Karen's baby massage course and baby yoga classes - I really wish we'd started to attend baby yoga a lot earlier than we did as we both got a lot out of it!
  • Karoliine Carolina on Facebook Thu 19th Oct 2017 Attended with 9 month-old We've done baby yoga, crawlers to walkers and Dad and Baby yoga, and we all love it. We have seen as well huge progress in our baby's motor skills after this sessions. She also loves and recognises the songs when we sing them at home. My partner and I are also much more confident manipulating our baby as there are lots of fun movements and exercises in the class. The warmth, knowledge and professionalism with which Karen leads her classes in unique. Our baby has enjoyed this sessions from week six, and we are delighted there are still classes at 10 months, she can attend to. We could not recommend it more!
  • Katharine Talbot on Facebook Thu 19th Oct 2017 Attended with 3 year-old, and 9 month-old All Karen's classes are fantastic! I have taken both my babies to Baby Yoga, and to Crawlers to Walkers. Baby yoga was definitely the most fun class I did with my first, all the bouncing, songs, massage and parachute fun are brilliant. We play some of the songs at home and my 3 year old daughter loves them, as does my 10 month old son. Crawlers to Walkers is lovely too, in a very different way - great for active babies to have a chance for free play and to safely explore all sorts of textures, shapes, water play, lights, edible play-dough etc etc! Karen is so inventive, knowledgeable and friendly, it's always a delight to go to her classes.
  • Cate MacCreadie on Facebook Thu 19th Oct 2017 This massage class was the only baby class we did and it was great. It got me out of the house, meeting other mums and most importantly learning how to massage my son. Karen is lovely, she made everyone feel welcome with her icebreakers and I really looked forward to the class every week.
  • Lou Ramsden on Facebook Thu 19th Oct 2017 We did loads of Karen's classes - baby massage, baby yoga and toddler yoga, as well as Crawlers to Walkers. Our daughter loved all of them and got so much from them. Karen is a fab teacher - so knowledgeable and warm and welcoming - and her classes were always perfectly structured and just...well...FUN! Would highly recommend!
  • Cassie Moore on Facebook Thu 19th Oct 2017 The baby yoga at Victoria park with Karen is amazing .... My son loves it we are sad it's stopped for the summer now but will continue to sing the songs and do the moves at home . Really recommend this class Thank you Karen
  • Sabrina Collins on Facebook Thu 19th Oct 2017 I attend the baby yoga class with my son and we have joined the massage group. Both are absolutely fantastic. We look forward to the group every week. This is the best groups I have attended and so far no other groups compare to these. They are fun, informative and a pleasant atmosphere. Karen is amazing and a great teacher.

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