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Baby Spanish is a fun play and language group for babies, toddlers and their grown-ups. We sing, play, do pretend daily living activities, snacks and bubbles, whilst using Spanish! A great way to boost you and your little one's confidence about learning languages - they soak up the language, and you learn baby-relevant Spanish as a bonus!

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  • Jennifer Parker on Facebook Thu 9th Nov 2017 Me and my 14 month old have been going to Baby Spanish since October. We really enjoy it and I really can't recommend it highly enough. The sessions are really well organised but have a lovely relaxed feel. The little ones love the activities and songs and I've picked up quite a bit of Spanish which is a welcome bonus!
  • Kerry Whelan on Facebook Thu 9th Nov 2017 Attended with 2 year-old Great fun my 2 year old has a great time. Brilliant value for money. X
  • Sarah Lowndes on Facebook Thu 9th Nov 2017 Lovely, fun, structured but relaxed session with loads of bright colourful props for the little ones and the worlds best tiffin for the grown ups! :) Plus you get posters and a CD to practise at home!
  • Natalie Bayarri on Facebook Thu 9th Nov 2017 My two little monkeys love Baby Spanish. It's a real highlight of our week. The sessions are well-planned, the resources are lovely and there is just the right balance of learning, playing and chatting. Sarah's approach is calm and friendly, allowing adults and littles ones to feel relaxed and comfortable participating in the session. I'd definitely recommend it to friends and family
  • Kirsty Chamberlain on Facebook Thu 9th Nov 2017 Baby Spanish is amazing! We learn loads of Spanish in a fun and exciting way. The Spanish is fit into English Nursery Rhyme tunes, so it's catchy and memorable... Look out for the how to change the nappy song... compulsary song now for nappy changes! Children of all ages enjoy it with musical instruments, pictures, objects of reference, food and drinks and flashcards helping to let the Spanish sink in for parents as well as for little'uns! Can't wait for the next one!
  • Aparna Kapoor on Facebook Thu 9th Nov 2017 Brilliant class, very well planned to make sure both grown ups and babies have lots of fun and learn something along the way! Great songs using Spanish phrases for every day baby-related activities with familiar tunes. Have had some of the songs stuck in my head all week and my little boy has already learned the Spanish word for poo...! Thanks, we really enjoyed it and can't wait for the next installment!
  • Amy Coleman on Facebook Thu 9th Nov 2017 Attended with 3 year-old I've been taking my 3 year old to Toddler Spanish for several months now and we both absolutely love it! The activities and songs are fantastic and we have definitely both learnt lots of Spanish. Highly recommended.
  • Natalie Turnbull on Facebook Thu 9th Nov 2017 Fun, friendly and interactive class full of useful words and phrases you might use with your child at home. Songs, bubbles and the provision of a snack for children (and tea and cake for parents) meant everyone could relax and enjoy this well planned session. We will be back.
  • Lottie Harrap on Facebook Thu 9th Nov 2017 great class! well structured with just the right amount of variety. loved the play and food elements and the notes after class! cake afterwards also top notch. definitely coming again thank you!
  • Cathy Baker on Facebook Thu 9th Nov 2017 Me and Luther had a great time. It's meant I can help him learn a second language rather than just his dad do it and I learn as well. Loved how fun and interactive the group is and everyone was really friendly. Thank you Sarah. Will definitely be back next week

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