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Learn a new skill, meet parents who have shared interests and still be with your child.
Parents don't need to be separated from their children to access the ambitious part of their brain. They just need some support.  

BaB Courses provide that support.  In each class there is a minimum of one childcare practitioner (1:5).  While the adults and older children are learning together, the little ones play with toys, listen to stories, squish play dough... have fun.  They're in the same room with their parents which makes a really supportive atmosphere

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4 reviews
  • Jess Y. S. Choy on Facebook Wed 6th Dec 2017 I really enjoyed the 6 week photography course and have definitely improved my understanding of my camera and picked up tips to take better pictures. I think the best part was knowing that my little one was in the same room and safe hands and could come to me when she wanted. I felt relieved that gradually over the weeks, she got more settled and needed me less so it gave me confidence that I didn’t have to hold her all the time and I didn’t have to feel guilty not doing so! The course was also a great way to meet new people (big and small!) so a big thanks to Jenny, Helen and Crystal
  • Jenny Burrows on Facebook Wed 6th Dec 2017 Attended with 6 year-old Wow I loved the silver course and I can't wait to see the sterling silver jewelry I have made once it come back from being fired and finished at the tutor's studio. My 6 year old boys had a great time too they made salt dough and models and I was amazed that they were keep entertained and only came to talk to me when they wanted to watch what I was doing with the pictures they had drawn for the jewellry.
  • Rachel Moncur on Facebook Wed 6th Dec 2017 Attended with 2 year-old I cannot recommend this course enough! Being able to do something for me whilst not feeling guilty about it because my 2 year old was having just as much fun! The staff were amazing and I learnt a new skill which I will be able to continue at home. Thank you so much!
  • Julie Grace Cunningham on Facebook Wed 6th Dec 2017 It was really good to be able to concentrate on the course knowing that my child was happily engaged but able to come to me if he needed me. We both had a fab time and my son enjoyed it so much he wants me to do more!

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