WARRIORRR Mums & Babies Fitness: Repair, Restore & Retrain

Baby Friendly Fitness for 2 – 24 months

A mums & babies fitness class to REPAIR, RESTORE & RETRAIN your post-natal body.

Suitable for mums 6 weeks after birth (10 if you've had a Caesarean), this is an hour long session which focuses on exercises to re-condition the pelvic floor and deep internal stomach muscles, helping reduce diastasis recti.
Every newcomer is required to fill in a health questionnaire which you can find on the website (www.elizaflynn.co.uk) and I'll do a free check for stomach muscle separation for new members.

Private personal training sessions are also available for those who want faster results or want to target a specific problem safely. e.g. prolapse, diastasis recti, unstable hips etc.

Babies are welcome - everyone at the class is a mum so no one bats an eyelid if a little one is noisy or cries. Babies can hang out on the mat, sleep in their pram or join in some exercises, dependant on age. If you need to feed them halfway through an exercise, that's cool, so is changing them, giving them cuddles or anything else you need to do. If appropriate, I'm always on hand to hold and comfort babies.
Comfy clothing is a must - there's no need for a sports bra or even trainers - we can do all exercises in bare feet or socks.

Please bring a yoga mat and a bottle for water.
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The Benefits of the Activity

  • Builds confidence
  • Great physical activity
  • Make new friends
  • Meet other parents

Everything You Need to Know

Before you attend

  • Please make sure you've had your 6 week post natal GP sign off.

About the venue

  • Baby change
  • Plenty of buggy parking

During the session

  • All skill levels welcome
  • Wear comfy clothes
  • No prior experience needed

Meet the Teachers

  • Eliza Flynn
    Pre & Post-Natal Personal Trainer
    I wen to my first post-natal fitness class 4 months after my first was born. The exercises weren't right for my post-baby body & I ended up doing more damage than good. I'm using my pre & post-natal qualifications to help post-natal women repair, restore & retrain their bodies safely so they can feel confident they are working with their body, not against. I especially work on exercises to repair diastasis recti (stomach muscle separation) & strengthen pelvic floor.
    I've currently got 2 little ones & have a basic pre & post-natal PT qualification, with further training from Burrell Education.

Venue and Contact

Christ Church

Highbury Grove, London N5 1SA

About the Organiser


Est. 2017

WARRIORRR is a mums & babies fitness class suitable for mums from 6 weeks post-birth (10 if C-section) which Repairs, Restores & Retrains the body, from the inside out. We focus on pelvic floor & transverse abdominal exercises, as well as general strengthening and foundational fitness. As your baby grows and gets heavier, you'll be able to keep up without getting injured.


February 2019


Attended with a 6-month-old

Great class, very energising and baby friendly. You work at your own level, but still get put through your paces!

December 2018

Amy Devine

Attended with a 3-month-old

Love the Warrrior workouts, Eliza makes them friendly and effective, I feel stronger every time!

November 2018

Stephanie cain

Attended with a 4-month-old

Eliza's classes have been a great way to get back into exercise following the birth of my son. Eliza considers each individual's situation (e.g., birth, recovery) and tailors the exercises accordingly. The exercise/circuit works multiple muscle groups so I can get the most of the class given I have less time to exercise these days! The classes have also been a great way to meet other local mums.

October 2018

Lizzy Silverton

Attended with a 2-month-old

I’m really enjoying the Warrior Fitness restore and repair class. It’s great to be able to workout with my baby and with other mums, and to focus on strength work to get my body back in shape post-pregnancy. This class is great if you have abdominal separation, you want to exercise with your baby and are looking for a strength workout to supplement your cardio training.

September 2018

Penny Mocini

Attended with a 4-month-old

Amazing! You can work out, look after your baby and have a chinwag with some nice mums! The level of exercise is achievable for everyone, Eliza helps you to modify the exercises if you have any injuries or are holding a baby! The next day you can feel that slight burn of satisfaction in your legs. A treasure in my weekly schedule when I can do something for me.

August 2018

Ban Rowley

Attended with a 6-month-old

I would strongly recommend this class to all parents with babies. The trainer is really skilled and makes you work to your max - your muscles are always nicely sore afterwards! Such a lovely setting in the park. I really look forward to going and it’s been great seeing the pregnancy weight finally start to drop off. The best thing of all, however, is most definitely the creative versatility that the trainer, Eliza, brings to the table; if the babies start to kick off she’s so good at quickly amending the routine to ensure that the babies are given attention when needed.

June 2018

Leah WG

Attended with a 9-month-old

This is the best excercise group I’ve been too. It’s the only group I feel motivated to regularly attend. The excercises are targeted to help you restore your body and you get a great work out without being pushed too far. Eliza is friendly and welcoming and the classes are fun and relaxed. Eliza also helps out with your baby so you can focus on the exercises and there are lots of toys for babies to play with. I’ve been attending for 5 months and would highly recommend!

June 2018

Mel Draisey

Attended with a 3-month-old

I have been going to Eliza’s classes for ages now, I turned up as a very new Mum who felt incredibly weak and broken in the body and she helped me build up my core strength and get my leg muscles aching (in a good way) The indoor pelvic class is great for recovery and the outdoor classes for cardio and toning. Love Eliza! 💕

June 2018

Alice Sumereau

Attended with a 3-month-old

Just love Eliza's classes ! very friendly atmosphere but hard work at the same time ! Thanks to her class, I have nearly found my pre- pregnancy body ! thank you Eliza !

June 2018

Loren Broughton

Attended with a 2-month-old

I attended Eliza’s class throughout most of my maternity leave, starting at 8 weeks post birth. The classes were really helpful in building up my strength and stamina again. Eliza was really supportive and helpful (especially with a crying baby!) and ensured that we got the most out of each class. I highly recommend her classes!

June 2018

Cassie Gilbert

Attended with a 20-month-old

Amazing class run by a inspirational woman who truly understands what the body needs at the different stages post birth (including when you get to the early toddler years and you spend your time lugging a 14kg small person around!). Eliza gives you the right level of stretch and challenge and I always feel great after a class, with the right kind of pain from a satisfying work out without feeling I have overdone anything. My son also loves the class and it's great fun. Highly recommended.

March 2018

Samantha Bird

Attended with a 7-month-old

It was greate

WARRIORRR Mums & Babies Fitness: Repair, Restore & Retrain

Baby Friendly Fitnessfor 2 – 24 months

By WARRIOR Fitness

Est. 2017

Christ Church

Highbury GroveLondon N5 1SA

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