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WARRIORRR Buggy Burn Mums & Babies Fitness

Baby Friendly Fitness for 2 - 24 months

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F5444BE2-DA83-40AD-943D-C87250C99BE6Highbury Fields Bandstand, London, N5 1UP

An outdoor fitness class for mums which works on regaining cardio & strength

An hour for mum to spend on herself, building confidence, making friends and getting outside. A moderate intensity class which will see you working on core strength (safely), full body toning and cardio. There's no jumping, nor running.
Babies either stay in their buggy, or they can be slung. Classes are casual and work very much around what's best for mums and babies. If you need to feed, feed, if your little one is restless, please hold them (I can give you exercises you can do with your baby so you're not missing out!) and I'm also happy to hold babies if I have free hands.
This is best suited for mums who have had their 6-week post-natal check-up and aren't suffering from abs separation (diastasis recti) or a weak pelvic floor. For mums who are new to exercise or who don't know if they're suffering from diastasis recti I recommend you come to my Tuesday class which specialises in repairing the post-natal body.

I also do Post-Natal assessments so if you're looking for a one-off analysis which gives bespoke feedback and programming for re-strengthening your body, please get in touch.

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Everything you need to know

Before you attend

  • 1C13C08C-FE15-4C63-AB3F-8C8863FD7EF3 All equipment provided
  • 1C13C08C-FE15-4C63-AB3F-8C8863FD7EF3 Please ensure you've had your 6 - 10 week post-natal GP check.

During the session

  • 1C13C08C-FE15-4C63-AB3F-8C8863FD7EF3 Wear clothes for sports and games
  • 1C13C08C-FE15-4C63-AB3F-8C8863FD7EF3 Wear comfy clothes
  • 1C13C08C-FE15-4C63-AB3F-8C8863FD7EF3 All skill levels welcome

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What families are saying

Alexandra Szomora
December 2019

Amazing workout, just what a momma needs to firm up. My bubba loves hanging out in the middle of the room with the other babies and she can be incorporated into excercises or comforted by me or Elisa anytime it is needed. I can only recommend this class!

December 2019

I’ve tried a few postnatal fitness classes and in in my opinion Eliza’s classes are the best out there! She’s a great teacher and really knows her stuff. I definitely gained a lot of strength back attending her classes and really enjoyed the relaxed friendly atmosphere. If the babies are in need of a cuddle or bit of attention Eliza helps out when she can meaning you can focus on getting fit!

May 2019

Really fun way to have a good workout outside. Easy to incorporate baby if they are restless or let them play with the other little ones.


Highbury Fields Bandstand

Highbury Fields

London N5 1UP

Highbury and Islington

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Activity Benefits

Builds confidence

Great physical activity

Meet other parents

Promotes a healthy lifestyle

Meet the Team

Eliza Flynn
Pre & Post-Natal Movement Specialist

My motto is to help make you stronger not weaker - it's normal to want to jump back into exercise after having a baby, but it's so important to make sure your foundations are solid before moving into more demanding exercise. Parenting requires peak physical performance! I've currently got 2 little ones & have a basic pre & post-natal PT qualification, with further training from Burrell Education. I am also ELDOA L1&2 trained which is handy for helping with back pain and posture.

About the Organiser

WARRIORRR is a mums & babies fitness class suitable for mums from 6 weeks post-birth (10 if C-section) which Repairs, Restores & Retrains the body, from the inside out. We focus on pelvic floor & transverse abdominal exercises, as well as general strengthening and foundational fitness. As your baby grows and gets heavier, you'll be able to keep up without getting injured.

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