Tin Pan Annie Music

Music & Singing for 2 – 4 years

Fun, exciting, interactive live music classes accompanied by real guitar, with songs, stories, props, puppets & bubbles

Classes are jam-packed with action songs and rhymes, both well-known & Tin Pan Annie originals, composed to introduce children to the shape, timbre, dynamics and rhythm of music, so important in the development of language and speech. We encourage jumping, clapping, dancing, singing & lots of fun.

Annie has 22 years experience of making fun music with children, whilst playing guitar & hopping up & down. She is a music therapist & passionate about the importance of quality live music education for all children. Each week she introduces a different theme, which aided by giant colourful posters, props, puppets and stories that emerge from Tin Pan Annie’s special box, helps to stimulate children's imagination. Children become absorbed by all the visual & aural stimulation. Confidence & social skills develop as toddlers are encourage to join in, share, interact. The highlight of your week.
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The Benefits of the Activity

  • Contributes to cognitive development
  • Develops language skills
  • Expands the imagination
  • Makes learning fun

Everything You Need to Know

Before you attend

  • All equipment provided
  • Arrive 10 mins before the start

About the venue

  • Paid parking
  • Plenty of buggy parking
  • Baby change
  • Buggy parking available

During the session

  • No eating or drinking during the session
  • Adult and child participate together
  • All skill levels welcome
  • No prior experience needed
  • 15 children per session

Meet the Teachers

  • Tin Pan Annie
    Annie started Tin Pan Annie Music over 23 years ago when her first son was born. Apart from being an accomplished musician, she studied the effects of music on the developing brain, pre and post-natally during her degree in Physiology and Biochemistry. Previously she taught science at Tiffin Girls School. Annie is also a music therapist at Kings College Hospital, has trained music therapists, written articles, children’s songs, been a regular on Radio Lollipop at Great Ormond Street Hospital, taught at Wandsworth Hearing Impairment Centre, raised lots of money for charities running concerts.

Venue and Contact

St Barnabas Clapham Common

Clapham Common Northside, London SW4 9SW

About the Organiser

Tin Pan Annie Music

Est. 1993

Fun, exciting, interactive music classes where babies and toddlers are immersed in Tin Pan Annie’s land, all run by Tin Pan Annie herself who has over 22 years experience of hopping on one leg, entertaining children and playing guitar all at the same time.


October 2018


Attended a single session with a 10-month-old


Annie is just great. The babies - and mums! - love her. A good singalong too

October 2018


Attended a single session with an 8-month-old


Annie is great and has lots of enthusiasm however the class is very expensive for half an hour. More instruments would make the class more fun so the children are not just watching.

August 2018

Charlotte asher

Attended with a 1-year-old and a 1-year-old

Lovely class , I’m 1years love it . Lots or music and moving around .
She’s very lively and keeps the kids excited the whole class

June 2018

Jenny Parsonin

Attended with a 9-month-old and a 30-month-old

I cannot rate Annie's classes any higher. She has that very special magic that makes children love her. I can't walk past St Barnabas without my children wanting to go in to to see Annie and her lovely bright puppets, costume and guitar, and my son's little bed is covered in her stickers.

June 2018

Catherine Williams-Harvey

Attended with a 18-month-old

My second daughter absolutely loves seeing Tin Pan Annie every week just as much as her brother and sister did. and often Her first word every morning is "Annie Guitar"and we constantly have Tin pan Annie on Spotify. These classes are so full of fun and jam packed that the children are hooked from the moment they run into the hall.

Tin Pan Annie Music

Music & Singingfor 2 – 4 years

By Tin Pan Annie Music

Est. 1993

St Barnabas Clapham Common

Clapham Common NorthsideLondon SW4 9SW

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