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Living History Tours

History for All Ages

Discover life aboard The Golden Hinde in the 16th century!

Meet the characters on Francis Drake's famous voyage around the globe. Find out what life was like aboard the ship from the Master Gunner, he'll teach you how to fire a cannon, and make sure you keep your limbs to yourself when you meet the gory Barber Surgeon, he likes his saw a little too much!

All children are to be supervised by adults.

Tours are taking place on 16, 17, 18, 23, and 24 February.

Note: Saturday 23 February the ship will be closing at 15:00.
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The Benefits of the Activity

  • Expands the imagination
  • Makes children smile
  • Makes learning fun

Everything You Need to Know

Before you attend

  • All equipment provided

About the venue

  • Limited buggy parking

During the session

  • Adult and child participate together

Venue and Contact

The Golden Hinde

Cathedral Street, London SE1 9DE

About the Organiser

The Golden Hinde

Sail through history aboard Sir Francis Drake's world famous ship. Welcoming visitors and schools to learn about her fascinating history as the first English ship to sail around the world.


  • Anonymous Attended this month Golden hind was fantastic. It’s a ship so obviously there are obstacles and I don’t think there were toilet facilities but it was great and the staff we fantastic.
  • Dana Attended in October we've had a lovely time, came on a weekday during half term and the place wasn't packed. The puppet show was beautiful, and was connected to the theame of exploration and explorer Francis Staff was super nice, funny and helpful. site isn't very safe, lots of hooks and narrow paths, tread carefully.

Living History Tours

Historyfor All Ages

By The Golden Hinde

The Golden Hinde

Cathedral StreetLondon SE1 9DE

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