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Security and Privacy

With Hoop your family's data is safe and secure.


One of the advantages of using Hoop is that your family's data is stored in a single place rather than being held by the multiple activity organisers. Furthermore, you can be sure that Hoop is doing everything we can to protect your data, and your privacy as well.

Here's some of the things we do:

  • Enable Apple Pay and Google Pay to ensure the very highest levels of transactional security
  • Encrypt all communication across our website with SSL
  • Make use of the latest two-factor card security such as Verified by Visa, Mastercard ID Check and American Express Safe Key.
  • Back all our transactions with our best price guarantee.
  • Provide helpful and responsive customer service to answer any questions you may have

It's also important that you can protect your Hoop account as best you can, here are some common sense tips:

  • Try to use a different password for Hoop than your other online services. Ideally you should have a unique password for each service.
  • If you have unique passwords for each service a data breach from one is less likely to affect the others
  • A mix of numbers, and upper and lower case characters is best
  • Avoid using obvious phrases like “password” or “1234567”


Hoop takes the privacy of your and your family incredibly seriously.

We recommend that you read through our cookie policy, and privacy policy to give you a better understanding of how we use technology to collect, store and use your data. In both cases we have provided plain English summaries to assist with this.

What is a cookie?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer when visiting some web pages. We use cookies to monitor the use of our websites and apps to improve the quality of the service we provide to you.

Learn more about how we use cookies.

Transferring data to organisers

When you make a booking through Hoop it may be necessary for us to transfer some of the data you shared during the booking process with the organiser. This data is then used by the organiser to provide the service to you and your family.

In each case we only share the data that has been requested by the organiser, and is necessary to make a booking.

Marketing from organisers

Organisers cannot send you marketing communications, e.g. email newsletters, unless you have given them explicit permission during the booking process or when attending their activity.

If you think you have been sent marketing communication by an organiser without giving your permission please contact our customer support team.

Hoop uses cookies to ensure that we give the best experience on our website. Read our policy.