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Play and Learn for 3 – 8 years

Looking for something fun and educational to do with the family this Halloween? Look no further!

OKIDO are hosting an exciting GET INTO SCIENCE event at the Doodle Bar, London Bridge. This time, we will be exploring blood, the body, slime and lots more Halloween-themed science experiments!

Each GET INTO SCIENCE event explores a different theme with experts, artists and scientists, encouraging learning-through-play in the most fun and creative way.

Make your own scientific blood solution to take home with you, then make your own slime and then put it to the test!

We will also have some activities centred around the heart and body.

And if that's not enough, we will also be screening an episode of Messy goes to OKIDO from the brand new SEASON 2!

The GET INTO SCIENCE events are most suitable for children aged around 3-7 but there's lots to do for both younger and older children, so come along and join in the fun in a great learning environment for budding young scientists.

When you need to know, go to OKIDO!

Parents must stay on the premises, but can take advantage of the lovely cafe available. Babies in arm are free.
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The Benefits of the Activity

  • Expands the imagination
  • Makes learning fun
  • Supports the school curriculum
  • Unleashes creativity

Everything You Need to Know

Before you attend

  • Arrive 5 mins before the start
  • All equipment provided

About the venue

  • Cafe on site
  • Baby change
  • Buggy parking available

During the session

  • All skill levels welcome
  • Adult and child participate together
  • No prior experience needed

Venue and Contact

The Doodle Bar

Druid Street, SE1 2EZ

About the Organiser


Est. 2008

OKIDO Magazine is an independent arts and science magazine for young children and their families. OKIDO host a vast range of hands-on activities, interactive experiments, screenings, performances and live shows. Every OKIDO event contains hidden learning strategies and learning-through-play activities for children and their parents. We strive to provide an environment ​ready ​to inspire and stimulate young minds through collaboration, curiosity, exploration, creativity, discovery, and critical thinking.​ Most importantly, however, OKIDO events are fun!


  • Karl Smith Attended with a 5-year-old and a 3-year-old last month We went to the Winterville Gravity event in December and it was great. But the Copper Beach Cafe event is nothing like that. They watch an episode of the Tv series and then make a rainbow spinner. Uninspiring staff didn’t engage kids, didn’t have enough materials, refused to put out enough paint, and was on her phone for some of the time!
  • Pete Attended last month The space itself is an odd shape and can't hold anywhere near as many kids and parents as they cram in. Cartoon shown for first 10mins on a small laptop with cable strung across the room at waist height. Then a bit of colouring in. Lasts an hour maybe. Kind of weak for £8.
  • Simon Attended with an 8-year-old last month We had fun at the Get Into Science Halloween Special. We learned about the components of blood and made our own model. Staff were energetic and friendly and it wasn't too crowded.
  • Yasmine Camilla Attended with a 5-year-old and a 3-year-old in December We attended the Okido session on Gravity at Winterville and it was so much fun. I loved that it was interactive and engageing. There were loads of staff on hand to help my children with the activities. It really got my kids asking lots of questions about how the planet works and how gravity works...many of which the Okido team members were more than happy to explain. What a wonderful way to teach children!
  • Eleanor DuBios Attended with a 2-year-old and a 10-month-old in December Brilliant event, lots of engaging activities.
  • Ann Agudera Attended with a 4-year-old and a 3-year-old in December We really enjoyed spending time together as a family learning all about Gravity!
  • Jacqueline Hedge Attended with a 5-year-old and a 3-year-old in November Excellent
  • Emily Pendergast Attended with a 5-year-old in November We had such a great time at one of the OKIDO events at Winterville. My daughter (5) learned all about static electricity through loads of activities that really engaged her and made science fun.
  • Anonymous Attended in November The event was ok. Staff was energetic but there wasn’t any wow factor as you might expect from a science talk. I’m not sure how much my children learned but they were moderately entertained. Art activity was out of place. Parents definitely should not have had to pay for a ticket!
  • Anonymous Attended in November It’s a great idea to run these kind of simple science based events and we love Okido. We really enjoyed the creative side (colouring in etc) but we were disappointed that the prism didn’t work. Just felt there could have been a little bit more. We did have fun though and it was a lovely venue.
  • Rosie Parkyn Attended with a 4-year-old and a 7-year-old in November Wow. What a rip off! Watched a short animation then made a rainbow out of scrap paper. With a bit of subliminal advertising thrown in. Most unimpressed.
  • Romina Collett Attended with a 6-year-old in June We absolutely loved Maxwell the Bubble man!! Not only my son, but my husband and myself really enjoyed ourselves and came home with lots of new tricks to experiment. Great Father's Day treat for the entire family.
    Very relaxed and fun day out. The Okido team were approachable, friendly and super with the kids!
    Highly recommend it. We'll go back for more workshops! Thank you for a lovely day out.
  • Matt Bauer Attended with a 5-year-old in June It was great! Very entertaining for children and their parents, and nice little workshops afterwards. Will definitely be coming to another session. Really liked the venue too.


Play and Learnfor 3 – 8 years

By Okido

Est. 2008

The Doodle Bar

Druid Street SE1 2EZ

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