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Christmas cooking class

Cookery for 3 – 8 years

Kids en cuisine teamed up with As nature intended for a serie of cooking class in their store in Marble Arch

We are running a serie of cooking classes for children from 3 to 10 years old in collaboration with As nature intended.
Parents will get free hot drinks while we are making real dishes.

16/12/18: Christmas party
20/01/19: Spring rolls and makis
17/02/19: Raw baking class
17/03/19: Vegetable couscous
14/04/19: Sushi class
19/05/19: Tiramisu class
16/06/19: Homemade spaghetti
21/07/19: Bruschetta workshop
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The Benefits of the Activity

  • Encourages teamwork
  • Make new friends
  • Makes children smile
  • Promotes a healthy lifestyle

Everything You Need to Know

Before you attend

  • All equipment provided

About the venue

  • Paid parking
  • Cafe on site
  • Limited buggy parking
  • Parking on street

During the session

  • No prior experience needed
  • All skill levels welcome

Meet the Teachers

  • Florence
    Florence is passionate about healthy food and loves teaching children how to cook and eat fruits, vegetables, spices, aromatic herbs in a fun way.
    She has got a natural approche with children and loves working with them.

Venue and Contact

As Nature Intended

Edgware Road, London W2 2EH

About the Organiser

Kids En Cuisine

Est. 2014

Healthy cooking classes for children from 2 to 10 years old focused on fruits, vegetables, aromatic herbs, spices and French food.


  • Hortense Bonamy Attended with a 30-month-old in September Great cooking class! My two-and-a-half year old daughter loved it. The atmosphere was great and it gives ideas for healthy recipes to do with a child. thank you Florence!
  • Mukhtar Attended with a 4-year-old in June Amazing to be part of this kids en cuisine. My child who has celiac disease enjoyes it and always try to test most of the ingredients. This builds her confidence of not being afraid food. It also allows and shows her that it is normal to be gluten free.
  • Nathalie Magnen Attended with a 6-year-old and a 3-year-old in April I find Kids En Cuisine’s classes amazing, as do my children. Classes are fun and interesting and the teaching of very high quality. Everything I have tried after my children made them in class tasted really good and was provided in good quantity.
    Great classes to make fussy eaters less fussy and curious about food.
  • Clementine cassan Attended with a 4-year-old in April My daughter had an amazing experience with Florence. Thank you again. I recommend and I will book another class soon.
  • Julia Chatelin Attended with a 3-year-old and a 7-year-old in April I’m so impressed with kids en cuisine ! My child, 3, had so much fun and in a way discovered herself while coocking with flo! She’s now constantly asking to go back! I really want to thank the team and Florence for such a good prestation ! From the product freshness to the high standards of hygiene, everything was memorable.
    I cannot recommend enough your little ones to have a go there!
  • Dominique Attended with a 6-year-old in April My son enjoyed a lot his cooking class with Flo. He used to go once a week for 4 months and had a different menu each week with vegetables, fruits and herbs.
    He improved his cutting and discovered new flavors thanks to the healthy cooking classes. My husband and me tasted the food after each session and we really liked all the salads and dishes that they have made.
  • Alexandra Vinter Attended with a 5-year-old in April BAD customer service!!
    I called Florence the morning of the course I booked for my daughter asking to move her to any other day as my kid was sick with a vomiting bug all day the previous day and through the night.
    Her response was that she could not refund me or change her to another day as she already had her ingredients bought, of which I assumed being really expensive perishable ingredients. No, they were one boiled egg, carrots and toast.
    Any other business with a good customer service would have kindly moved her to another day as I wasn’t even asking for a refund.
    However her policy was, bring the sick kid or lose your money.
    A little understanding and customer service goes a long way.
    I will never be booking again!
  • Alexandra Vinter Attended with a 5-year-old in April Booked an “Easter” cooking class through the Hoop app and the event description said that they would be cooking with chocolate, which my daughter was excited about it. She came home with the “cooked food” from the class, which consisted of: a piece of toast topped with cream cheese, grated carrots and a boiled egg! A very disappointed girl and mummy. Not worth the money!
  • Nelly Ali Attended with a 24-month-old in September Absolutely fantastic concept and delivery. Florence has an incredible ability to be warm and instructive. Her fun, gentle manner is well received by the little ones and she offers such important skills in a fun and unique way! We love her classes and highly recommend them to parents or guardians who are looking to create a good relationship between their children and healthy food!

Christmas cooking class

Cookeryfor 3 – 8 years

By Kids En Cuisine

Est. 2014

As Nature Intended

Edgware RoadLondon W2 2EH

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