Marketing to Millennial Parents

Essential Guide: Why the new generation of parents are different and what this means for your business

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87% of births last year were to millennial mothers. For organisations that run activities for children, this presents a huge opportunity to connect with a new generation of parents.

Millennial parents are willing to invest more money than ever before in offering their children entertaining, educational, and inspiring experiences that mirror their own aspirations for a full life of fun learning experiences.

Find out how to connect with the next generation of parents.

This free special report looks at:

  • The big trends defining the new generation of modern millennial parents
  • What this means for how you run, market, and grow your business

We also offer some tips and insights:

  • How to tailor your activities, classes, and workshops to this new audience
  • How to effectively market to millennials to grow your business

Parents with young families have never been more eager to seek out new activities for their family, and place a high value on giving their children new experiences.

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