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GroovaRoo is an original babywearing soul line dance where we dance with our babies in baby carriers with all the safety measures on soul and R&B music.
Babies can be anywhere between six weeks until however long both the caregiver and baby are
comfortable in dancing in a carrier.
Approved by doctors and baby carrier consultants!
Spare baby carriers available :)

What’s On

Activity Ages When Where
GroovaRoo by Veronikafor 1 - 12 months 1 - 12 months Fridays 11:00am Hillside Church SW19 4JZ GroovaRoo by Veronikafor 1 - 12 months 1 - 12 months Tuesdays 9:30am Bemore Studio SW14 8JN


11 reviews
  • Jenny De Canha Fri 26th Jan 2018 Attended with 7 month-old Veronika’s classes are so much fun, both for me but also my baby...he totally loves it! It’s such a great class where everyone relaxes but at the same we can connect and care our babies. Veronika is a fab teacher too - there is no pressure to get things right but yet, with her clear instructions and demos we seem to give each dance a good go! I highly recommend it!
  • Els Janssens Thu 25th Jan 2018 Attended with 3 month-old This class is so much fun! Veronika is kind, full of energy and teaches with enthusiasm. She’s very thorough in teaching the steps but also takes it in good humour when we mess it up! Of all the baby classes out there, it’s the one I truly enjoy for myself but with the added bonus that my baby is entertained and often gets a good nap too! I feel like I’ve had a bit of exercise without it really being a workout class, it’s just a good bit of bouncing around to good music in a friendly atmosphere.
  • Kat Baker Wed 24th Jan 2018 Attended with 5 month-old Our favourite class! Veronika makes this as gentle/energetic as you like - breaking down the routines into easy to remember steps to great music. She has loads of spare carriers which are great for testing out and safe for the baby. A fun exercise class with the added benefit of rocking the baby to sleep!
  • Divya Gurbuxani Sat 20th Jan 2018 Attended with 6 month-old I have attended four Groovaroo classes so far, and I have to say I thoroughly enjoy it! Love the fact that there’s flexibility in that you don’t have to attend it in a block (difficult to do with little babies!). Gives a decent workout when you’re just getting back to exercising after the delivery, and I look forward to dancing to the peppy songs each week. My baby enjoys the music and all the cuddles while we dance together. Veronika is fabulous with breaking it all down for us and her enthusiasm is contagious! The class is definitely my highlight of the week.
  • Laurie Lemoigne Sat 20th Jan 2018 Attended with 8 month-old Veronika is amazing and we had so much fun in her class. She made us feel very welcome, the class is very relaxed and it made all my stress go away!
  • Dana Ptacinsky Wed 17th Jan 2018 Attended with 6 month-old Lovely, fun class! I would definitely recommend it. Lots of rocking movements in the choreographies, which are ideal for babies to fall blissfully asleep :)
  • Zuzana Palenikova Wed 29th Nov 2017 Attended with 6 month-old Class was perfect,had so much fun. Its such a shame I am moving abroad otherwise would be coming every week! Would highly recommend this class.
  • Tracey dorner Wed 22nd Nov 2017 Attended with 6 month-old It was so much fun! My baby absolutely enjoyed it and even fell asleep at the end of the class! Would highly recommend this class!
  • Lucia Jurgos Fri 17th Nov 2017 Attended with 6 month-old Had a brilliant time with my baby girl! Great work out! Definitely recommending to everyone! Already booked next class!
  • Regina and Baxi Wed 15th Nov 2017 Attended with 6 month-old It was amazing. We had so much fun. I love dancing and now even more. Veronika is so friendly and helpful teacher. Would recommend it to everyone. Can't wait until next class.

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