"Baby on Board!" Gets a

Move over - no, really - because we think mums-to-be deserve a seat!

Hoop has worked with three inspirational female designers to reimagine the classic pregnancy badge designed to catch even the most stubborn of eyes.

Launched on Mother's Day 2019, these beautiful limited edition badges have now all sold out.

We will be launching a new edition of badges early in 2020.

Edition 1: Mother's Day (2019)

Designed for Hoop by Marion Deuchars

Born in Scotland Marion is a London based illustrator. Marion Deuchars publishes beautifully illustrated children's books including the best selling 'Let's Make Some Great Art' children’s book and has created her own globally recognised style of work. She is a working mum of two and a proud feminist. Learn more about Marion.

Speaking about her designs, Marion shared:

"I knew I wanted to do one of the designs with hand lettering only. Our eye is attracted to hand lettering more than typography as we sense a person behind the signature. It’s more emotive and immediate. I recalled being pregnant and travelling on public transport and tried to imagine what kind of badge I would have liked to wear. It had to be ‘friendly’ if that makes sense. Not a demand or too garish, but inviting, fun and fashionable."

Designed for Hoop by Erin Aniker

Erin Aniker is an illustrator and designer. She draws inspiration from the inclusive community she's grown up with in London, her dual Turkish and British heritage and travelling. Known for her quietly radical illustrations, her clients include Stylist Magazine, Refinery 29, Vice, Tate and the Design Museum. Learn more about Erin.

Looking at her designs, Erin explains:

"The concept behind my two designs are growth, support and solidarity. The second design with the circle of hands especially focuses on this, on collective support and community and looking out for each other and each other’s families and children."

Designed for Hoop by Ellie Thomas

Ellie Thomas is a graphic designer and occasional illustrator living and working in Manchester. Her illustrative style is defined by graphic lines, bold colour, pattern and typography, all inspired by her real work as a designer at Instruct Studio. Her practice as an illustrator is often self-initiated or commissioned for specific projects, particularly around women’s issues and social justice. Learn more about Ellie.

Talking about her designs, Ellie explains:

"I wanted to strike the right balance between making the fact they are mums-to-be very clear and still depicting them as well rounded characters with other interests – so they are reading a book or listening to music like any other commuter, the only difference is that they need a seat more than most other people. I think it can be easy for women’s identities to get overshadowed by motherhood so it was important to me that these characters are their own people as well as future parents."

The Alternatives

Want to wear a Baby on Board badge from your local transport network? Here’s some quick links to free local Baby on Board badge alternatives across the country:

The small print

Each badge is available in a limited editions on a first come, first served basis. Available to UK postal addresses only.

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