What is my wallet?

Your wallet is where all your Hoop points will live.

How can I earn and spend points?

You can earn points by buying activities through Hoop and spending them through Hoop. Free activities and free trials will not earn you points.

Can I claim points from previous bookings?

We are sorry but Hoop Points are only available to collect and use on recent versions of the Hoop app, if you have made a booking and think there has been a mistake please get in touch at help@hoop.co.uk.

I booked under a different email!

If you booked with a different email address to the one on your Hoop account please contact help@hoop.co.uk with your Order ID.

I booked on Hoop.co.uk (website) not the app!

Points can only be earned through the app, however, we are looking at adding an account section on the web.

What are points worth?

Each pound spent through Hoop is worth one point. Every 50 points can unlock discounts of £2.50. So if you have 200 points in your wallet that is £10 off your next booking!

Can I use my points to pay for an entire activity?

Yes! If the number of points you have are equal or greater to the cost of the ticket you can use your points to pay for it!

Can I pay with points and cash?

Yes, you can pay a portion of the activity with your points and the rest with a payment method of your choosing at check out.

Do points expire?

Points will expire one year after you have received them.

Can I gift/share points?

No, unfortunately you can only collect points from booking.

Do I receive loyalty points on activities with a discount already applied to them?

For every pound you spend through Hoop you will get one point. For example, if the activity costs £10 and you have a £2 discount applied you will get 8 Hoop Points added to your wallet.

I got a refund will my points be refunded in my wallet?

If you got a full refund all points used for that transaction will be refunded to you. If you got a partial refund and used points and another payment method to pay for the transaction you will be refunded cash first and then points depending on the amount given back.