Families who use Hoop can share tips and ratings about the things they do with their kids. Sharing your opinions is a great way to help the other families using Hoop, and can be pretty fun too.

The vast majority of people share tips and ratings that are for the benefit of everyone using the app, however we've drawn up these simple guidelines to explain the kinds of things we'd rather you avoided.

Inappropriate content

There is no need for threats, harassment, hateful, lewd or bigoted content.

Conflicts of interest

Please don't share tips for places or events where you have a relationship with the proprietor — similarly if they are your competitor or an industry peer.


Avoid promotional content. We want the families on Hoop to feel they can trust the things they read on the app.


Hoop is about families having fun together and the information that will helps them do this. Please keep the things you share relevant to this mission.


Don't share other people's private information. If you’re referring to a business owner by name, only do so if that is something they regularly do themselves.

Intellectual property

Don't copy your tips from other sources. Everything you contribute should be yours to share.