Finalist Badges

Congrats, you’ve been chosen by Hoop as one of Britain’s most loved family activity organisers!

Voting is now open and families can choose their favourite family activities from across the country.

To celebrate the awards and to showcase your achievements in being selected as a finalist, we’ve created a simple online badge for you to use on your website.

We’ve also prepared ‘Vote for us’ buttons and banners you can use on your website and social media to prompt your customers to vote for you.

If you haven’t been selected as a finalist, families can still nominate you by putting your organisation forward for your category. Learn more.

Start spreading the word with the families that know and love your activities and ask them to get voting!

Download badges and banners

Get buttons and banners as static .jpg and .png files to incorporate into your website, emails, social media and promotional artwork as required. Images include newsletter, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram friendly formats.

Getting started

You don’t need advanced programming skills to add your Hoop button, simply:

  1. Select the size, colour and message you want for your button or banner from the dropdown options.
  2. The button or banner you’ve selected will appear with the code you need directly below it.
  3. Click the copy code button. This will automatically copy the code you need to your clipboard.
  4. Open your website HTML editor and paste this code where you'd like the button placed. If a third party manages your website, this is the information they will require to add this Hoop button to your website.
  5. The pasted code should automatically display the button where you’ve chosen it to appear on your website and will link through to your Hoop Page.

If you're still having problems adding your buttons and banners to your website, we're happy to help. Contact for further support.