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We provide hands-on, fun science activities in London for 5-11 year old children. They can attend after school clubs, workshops and camps during half terms and Summer or have a birthday party with us.


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  • Sophie Garnham on Facebook Mon 29th May 2017 Catarina is a fantastic party entertainer. My daughter loved her Harry Potter themed party with potion making.
  • Berit Marleen Eis on Facebook Tue 9th May 2017 My son attends the classes at JW3 with Catarina and loves it. It's a great introduction to science taught by an engaging and very patient teacher. And he's excited to pass on his knowledge when I pick him up! More importantly, it's healthy for him to see that kids with brains are taught by a woman with brains!
  • Claire Tunley on Facebook Thu 4th May 2017 My daughter attends this after school club and loves it. Catarina has inspired her to become interested in science and curious about the world around her. Highly recommended!
  • Diane Warby on Facebook Wed 22nd Mar 2017 My Year 1 son attends Kids with Brains after school club and absolutely loves it-his favourite activity of the week. He jumps out of bed on the mornings that he has science club. Catarina is an excellent teacher, and my son is very happy that he can share the project with us after class.
  • Ecole Des Petits Loups on Facebook Mon 20th Mar 2017 very good party, thanks Catarina
  • Urmi Merchant on Facebook Mon 6th Mar 2017 They run amazing science workshops and parties great for children aged 5-11. Always sells out really quickly at Pickled Pepper Books
  • Justine Willett on Facebook Mon 6th Mar 2017 Catarina runs a fantastic after school science club at Betty Layward School. My son absolutely loves it - and looks forward to it every week. Catarina has really sparked his interest in science, and he's always telling me how fun it is. He also brings brilliant stuff home each week - from glo-in-the-dark putty to a working electrical circuit last week.
  • Livia Banin on Facebook Mon 27th Feb 2017 Catarina runs an amazing after school science club. My daughter is 7 years old and she is absolutely loves is. Every week in a year they do a new experiment. Catarina is a great teacher, her enthusiasm is captivating. She always makes sure all children are engaged and enjoy their time. I would highly recommend her class to all school aged children.
  • Lynn Snowden on Facebook Mon 14th Nov 2016 Catarina ran a fabulous party for my 6 year old son this Saturday and the kids were engrossed from start to finish. Erupting volcanoes, glittery wizard's brew and many colours of slime! What more could a child ask for? An exciting and educational party -a perfect combination. I would absolutely recommend Catarina. She was prompt, well organised and the children responded to her. Thanks Catarina this party will be talked about fr some time.
  • Jennifer Johnston on Facebook Mon 14th Nov 2016 Catarina coped brilliantly with a bunch of highly enthusiastic 6-7 year olds at my son's birthday party. She politely kept things calm whilst ensuring the children got really involved and had a fantastic time.

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