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6x More Views

Up to 6x more views on your activities with Boosted Listings

Easy Booking

Benefit from fast, user friendly, in-app booking for your activities

Only Pay for Sales

Just pay Hoop when one of our families makes a booking (10% + VAT)

NEW Free Trials

Let families request a free trial for your class in just a couple of taps using Hoop.

You'll receive free trial requests by email and benefit from 6x more views on your free trial listings. Our rates start at just £2.50 per request sent and vary based on the full term class price. View all our free trial rates here. Free trials are flexible, run them alongside or separate to booking depending on your needs.

What Organisers are Saying About Hoop

“We’d highly recommend HOOP for family event organisers. HOOP’s nationwide network of families has enabled us to reach more customers than ever before. We were delighted to find out that we could also sell tickets for our events directly through the app.”

Charlotte Crawford – Rave-A-Roo

“Thank you again as I am gaining new customers EVERY DAY! Your app is incredible.”

Amanda, Founder – Amanda’s Action Club

“We decided to sell tickets via HOOP recently and are so thrilled with the results. 15% of our tickets for our upcoming Greenwich event have been sold via HOOP. The marketing team are incredibly efficient and friendly, and have made the whole process so easy.”

Alyssa, Co-Director – Bring Your Own Baby Comedy

How it Works

Complete our sign-up form and agree to the Terms & Conditions

Add your empty spaces in the Hoop for Organisers dashboard

This enables the “book button” and boosts your listings

Hoop takes care of all payment processing

We’ll send you an email every time a booking is made

Get paid monthly for your Hoop bookings


What are Boosted Listings?

Boosted Listings get shown up to 6x more frequently to Hoop families.

There are two ways to boost your listings in Hoop for Organisers:

  1. Enable in-app booking by adding available spaces to an activity
  2. Enable free trials on an activity.

Depending on your needs you can do either or both.

How much will I pay for bookings from Hoop?

We charge 10% + VAT on bookings made through Hoop. This includes all credit card processing fees.

Who takes the payment from the customer?

Hoop takes payment by credit card / debit card and Apple Pay / Android Pay.

When will I get paid for my bookings?

We pay you by bank transfer within the first week of the month, for all activities that happened in the prior month.

For example:

  1. On the 2nd April, Clem books a place for the “Lego Minecraft Holiday Workshop” with organiser Little Builders
  2. The workshop takes place on the 10th April and costs £50
  3. The booking becomes valid to be paid on the 12th April after our 48 hour customer complaint window expires
  4. In the first week of May, Little Builders receives their booking payment of £44 (£50 less 10% + VAT)

What if the booking contains multiple sessions?

If the booking entitles the customer to attend multiple sessions (e.g. a term of classes) then Hoop will pay the partner for that booking in the payment run following the date of the first session.

How do I keep my available spaces up to date?

You set your available spaces for each activity in Hoop for Organisers. Every time a booking is made on Hoop we reduce the number of spaces available. Don’t forget though, if you use other booking tools you will need to keep both up to date.

How will I get attendee information?

When one of your activities receives a booking we send you a confirmation email with the following information:

Booking Details

  • Contact Name
  • Contact Email
  • Contact Telephone Number

Child Information (where applicable)

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth

How do I enable Free Trials?

First, sign-up for Boosted Listings. Then select any of your class listings in Hoop for Organisers and click the 'Boosted Listings' tab. Use the Free Trials on/off switch to activate/deactivate this feature.

What if I need to stop offering free trials?

You can switch free trials on or off at any time within the Boosted Listings area of your activity.

How much will I pay for each free trial request?

The rate varies based on the full term price for which the user requests a free trial:

Full Term Price Rate Charged
£50.00 and under £2.50 + VAT
£50.01 - £100.00 £5.00 + VAT
£100.01 - £150.00 £7.50 + VAT
£150.01 - £200.00 £10.00 + VAT
£200.01 - £250.00 £12.50 + VAT
£250.01 and over £15.00 + VAT

How and when do I pay for free trial requests?

We will invoice you each month for free trial requests received during the previous month. Payment is required within 14 days.

Do I have to pay if the same person requests multiple free trials?

No, if someone requests multiple free trials for the same activity you will only be charged once.

Can I get help setting up my Boosted Listings?

Absolutely, drop us an email on and our team will be happy to walk you through it.

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